AskCynosure - How do I apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

How to Apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit

If you are an international student who has graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). The PGWP allows you to work in Canada after graduation and gain valuable Canadian work experience.

Here are the steps to apply for a post-graduate work permit:

  1. Check your eligibility

    Before applying, make sure you are eligible for a PGWP. You must have graduated from a DLI and have a valid study permit when you apply. Your program of study must have been at least 8 months long, and you must have graduated from a public post-secondary institution, a private post-secondary institution, or a Canadian private institution authorized by provincial law to confer degrees. You must have adhered to the requirements of your study permit as well. Check the government website and follow the checklist provided.

  2. Gather your documents

    When applying for a PGWP, you will need to provide several documents, including your passport, study permit, and a letter of completion from your DLI. You may also need to provide transcripts, proof of graduation, and a language test result, depending on your situation.

  3. Apply for a PGWP

    You can apply for a PGWP online or by mail. If you apply online, you will need to create an account on the Government of Canada website and follow the instructions to complete your application. If you apply by mail, you will need to download the application form from the Government of Canada website, fill it out, and submit it along with your supporting documents.

  4. Pay the application fee

    There is a fee to apply for a PGWP, which you can pay online or by mail. As of 2023, the fee is $255 CAD ($100 for the Post-Graduate Work Permit fee, and $155 for the Open Work Permit Holder fee). 

  5. Wait for a decision

    Processing times for PGWP applications vary depending on the volume of applications and the complexity of your case. You can check the current processing times on the Government of Canada website. Once your application is approved, you will receive your PGWP, which will allow you to work in Canada for a specified period of time depending on the type of schooling you completed.

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